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of technical hemp in the Czech Republic
Who we are?
Imperial Group Development - a company founded by Vladimir Halats in 2023 to improve the world's economy and ecology. Our company is growing rapidly thanks to our own laboratory where developers create industrial hemp varieties for the construction industry. We are currently building hemp houses in the Czech Republic, Pilsen region, and are actively looking for new projects around the world to develop eco-friendly technology. We provide all the necessary materials for the successful implementation of a hemp eco-home.
Hemp walls are breathable, mold and mildew resistant due to natural ventilation and moisture control

It is resistant to pests (termites) and fire resistant. The lime content is constantly calcifying, essentially turning to stone over the life of the wall, which means the wall gets harder and stronger over time.
Why is it a great choice?
Hemp insulation is a 100% natural material!

Thanks to its porous structure, the material is like an air conditioner: it retains heat in winter and allows you to cool down longer in summer!
The cost of construction is slightly higher than conventional materials, but due to the high energy efficiency and thermal insulation properties, the resource consumption during operation makes hemp houses very profitable!
Alkaline environment
Beneficial for the establishment of a healthy acid-alkaline balance in the human body
Seismic resistance
Our "hemp house on wheels" project has shown that insulation can withstand high seismic loads
Sound insulation
Thanks to its porous structure, the material absorbs sound waves of different amplitudes to create comfort in the room
    This ensures the best prices on the market and the shortest delivery times for materials
  • lowest prices
    Thanks to our own production we can ensure the lowest prices on the market
  • highest quality
    Thanks to our high standards, we offer the best quality
Solid blocks of different thicknesses
Machined blocks: perforated blocks and U blocks in thicknesses of 30 and 36 cm
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